Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nick Messet Blacklisted by TPN - OPM

Jayapura - National Liberation Army - the Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) of the Headquarters Command Center, Kodap I Tabi under the leadership of Colonel David Tarko, officially issued a black list for Nick Messet and his descendants. The statement was delivered by Colonel David Tarko through specialized staff in a press release sent to, Sunday (12/5). 

"On May 13, 2013, Nick Messet officially included in the black list by the National Liberation Army of Free Papua Movement has been exaggerated because he opposed the West Papuan struggle for Self-Determination in Papua itself," said David. 

According to David, the black list which has been issued is valid also for his family. "The blacklist is published based on data owned by TPN-OPM, which is where the facts can be condescending statement the dignity of the people of West Papua," he said again. 

TPN-OPM also considered that Nick Messet a traitor by splitting Country Occupiers in Papua where Papuans have sacrificed from time to time. Because of this, David said that, Nick is not a true warrior Messet TPN-OPM, but a group of gray lost in Papua Merdeka struggle crossroads. 

In a press release that we have received, explained that Nick Messet always stirs up the people with untrue statements that complicate and constrict the struggle of the people of Papua Peace. He also issued a statement does not make sense that basically says Papua is not going independent. "Thus, TPN-OPM issued expressly for Nick Messet black list", he said David. 

The official statement issued by the Command Center Information section TPN-OPM led by Chief of General Staff, Teryanus Satto. 

The statement is also expected to be a concern to all parties and can be implemented as historical facts. 

Thanks for your attention. 

Kol. David Tarko

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