Monday, May 13, 2013

Chronology Arrests Four Activists in Jayapura, West Papua

Papua, Jayapura - Four Papuan activist who was arrested four security officers are Chairman of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), Viktor Yeimo, Secretary West Papua National Authorithy (WPNA), Marthen Manggaprou, Yongky Ulimpa (23), student of University of Paradise, and Elly Kobak (17), student of University of Paradise.

Fourth activist arrested right in front of the gates of Paradise University Campus (Uncen) new, Housing III, Waena, Papua, on Monday (13/05/2013), at 10.30 Papua time.

Rocky Wim Medlama, Spokesperson (Spokesperson) KNPB explains, "Initially, approximately 09.30 Papua time, along with our colleagues from the Student Executive Board Uncen do pemalangan campus, and conduct political speeches in front of the Gate of the campus."

Resort City of Jayapura Police officers, led by the Jayapura police chief, Commissioner Alfred Papare, then went to the location the students delivered speeches Politics.

"Including there from Papua Police Mobile Brigade officers, assisted by officers Control Society (Dalmas). They fell with full force, then block the road with the Police cars, trucks, motorcycles belonging to police officers, "the story Medlama.

Then, with some leaders of the action Medlama negotiating with Jayapura police chief so that they can be allowed to carry out marches, the security will be maintained by mass action.

"Kapolresta not allow demos, so the mass is transported by truck to the office two Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) for the attitude and demands on MRP Office. Car commandos also participated in the group stretcher, "Medlama story.

In negotiations, officials also requested that the motor does not precede the command car, but are behind. "We road in accordance with the agreement, even though we think this is really a threat to us," said Medlama.

However, in a way, at 10.30 Papua time, some who did not join the mass action while negotiations go on before the car held commander, 'That's when authorities act to disperse the crowds of action, hit several motorcycles, including the arrest of four activists including Chairman KNPB Papua, " Medlama said.

"Those arrested were hit, slapped, and transported up to the car, we were all that were there saw security forces on the fourth treat our associates," said Wim. Some Dalmas and Brimob truck was behind the command car and then drove forward, crashing into several motors, and several mass actions also fell, and when the officers down and beating, arrest, to brutalize others.

"There is a mass action broken hand, namely Mark Giban, Uncen student, is currently being treated in hospital Abepura, and several more suffered severe injuries from being hit," said Medlama.Until this news was revealed, the four activists are still being held by the Papua Regional Police.

"Three Papuan activists, namely, Marthen Manggaprou, Yongky Ulimpa, and Elly Kobak detained at the Papua police. While the chairman has taken to KNPB Abepura Penitentiary, at around 18:30 Wakut Papua, "said Medlama.

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