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Papuan People in Yahukimo Implementing Peace Demo on May 13, 2013

KNPB Yahokimo
KNPB Yahokimo Report - As previously planned by West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Yahukimo region a peaceful demonstration at the office of Regent of the Old Yahukimo. 

5000 People in Yahukimo West Papuan protest over the incident Aimas, Timika, Biak and Serui May 1, 2013 will be undertaken by the military and police as well as support the launch of the Office of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in Oxford, England, and supports the Vanuatu government will register West Papua as a permanent member of the Melanesian Spearhead Groups (MSG) in June later.

Chronological. At 07.00 Dekai time, Field Coordinator Alfred alias Tonny Kobak is in strict guard Militant West Papua National Committee (KNPB) marched around the city Dekai, Yahukimo. Peaceful demonstration itself concentrated in the Old District Office Dekai. 5000 The entry period of the three fig, of Mountain Road, and Commercial Street Seradala.

Successfully collected data on people's media, the national media (KNPB) all city activities Dekai lumpu total. All students from Yahukimo well before joining another action period they had a meeting at the district education hall Yahukimo. Yahukimo students from various colleges in Yahukimo, in Papua and Indonesia who want to be in Yahukimo expressed support for Papuan independence. For these students Yahukimo silence, this time for students to talk. Obviously one of the students in front of the masses.

The period 5000 to protest military brutality Homeland over Papua crowded field. They carry a number of pamphlets that read Mr. Benny Wenda West Papuan leader, INRI is Illegal in West Papua, West Papua Emergency and also carried a banner that read Zone Papua Martial Immediate International Intervention.Future action in mediating the peace rallies KNPB Yahukimo region comes packed with field yells Papua Independence, Referendum and Self-Determination.

At 11:00 did open political speeches in the field, some orators do good turns of speech sili youth representatives, students, church leaders, independent human rights activists, and traditional leaders, KNPB, TPNPB, OPM and Parliament.

End of the demonstration, a number of children - the next generation's children in prayer by the Church Leaders in Yahukimo 7 denominations. Children - children at the age of 12 years take this one - one of the 7 major tribes in Yahukimo. 5 Yally tribal children, ethnic tribes Hubla 5 Kimyal 5 and other tribes followed.

Yahokimo KNPB chairman, Erius Suhun told that after the event, he invited children from 5 to 7 tribes in prayer by pastors from seven denominations in Yahukimo. Them in prayer by the man of God. Yes, they are in prayer because we'll now pass their generation that will inherit the 7 major ethnic Yahukimo.

Also in front of the stage looks a Pamphlets that read Mr. Papuan leader Benny Wenda. When asked about the pamphlets in the name of one who does not want in Transcribed, he said "this is just the beginning we made, it was our leader Benny Wenda, so it's time we made a name for him (Benny Wenda) he explained.

Political Statement of the West Papuans in Yahukimo, May 13, 2013
 Since the 1960 military occupation organic and non-organic Indonesia on the island of Papua ILLEGAL, the data indicate that fact more than 500,000 innocent people have been killed by the Indonesian military in West Papua. Homeland military on behalf of their country security kill the innocent people of God.

"Since then, the police and the Indonesian military continues to commit human rights violations and killings terrible to secure their power. It is estimated that more than half a million ethnic Papuans have been killed by Indonesian troops since the beginning of the occupation.

The Papuan activists, TPNPB-OPM and West Papuan civilians who are not ill-treated humanely by the Indonesian military. Killings continued until now, on 30 April 2013 in Sorong military-police have shot dead Apner Malagawak (22), Tomas Blesia (28), Salomia Klaibin (37) while Lokden Herman (18) and Andreas Sepisa (32) still in care in the hospital.

In Timika May 1, 2013 as many as 16 people were arrested and at the Civil tortured in prison. In Biak, 5 civilians were arrested and in Serui 1 Residents arrested. Killings, arrests, torture and rape of the people of Papua and natural pengekploitasi merupan conspiracy sustainable country for West Papua scorched earth, to the present.

For that we the people of West Papuans in Yahukimo, demanding: 
  • Governor, Commander and Chief of Police is responsible for the incident Aimas, Sorong, and immediately release political prisoners in Timika, Sorong, Biak and Serui. 
  • Urged Jakarta to open access International Journalists and Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur to Papua.
  • The Indonesian government immediately pull military forces and non-organic organsik of Papua.

The people of West Papua, in Yahukimo thanked and welcomed the good intentions: 

  1. The Government of British Mayor Mohammed Abbasi has allowed the Office to launch the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in Oxford, England. 
  2. Government of Prime Minister Moana carcasses Vanuatu, Fiji and the Chief Minister of the Melanesian Spearhead Groups (MSG) Frank Bainimarama's intention that West Papua be registered as a full member in MSG next June.

Somahi, May 13, 2013Chairman of the Yahokimo Peoples Parlement (PRD)
Signed By: Aminus BalinggaThe following photos

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