Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mysterious murders in Puncak Jaya: 11 People Killed and 30 People Missing Indicated

Yerson Wonda
Papua, Puncak Jaya Report - Mysterious killings continue to occur in Puncak Jaya. Mysterious murder has led to 41 people missing. 11 people were found dead and 30 people still being sought, while 2 children swept away in the river.

This news has been reported from the secretariat of the West Papua National Committee [KNPB] Puncak Jaya region. This report is delivered directly to the secretariat of Puncak Jaya KNPB Center in Jayapura at 18.00 o'clock WPB. In his report said that dark operation or killings and disappearances papuan in Puncak Jaya has lasts from 1 April 2013 until now.

The people are very scared to do the activity because Indonesian Military arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and killing of Papuans in the region. Mysterious murder victims' families and families of the victims of the 30 people who disappeared under mysterious circumstances is about to search for the victims but the police and the Indonesian Military forbid search.

One child named Ella Enumbi pronounced dead brutally murdered. The child was captured by Kopassus on 9 April 2013 in Pos Purume, Noble City. Ella Enumbi murder, as it has been reported that "Ella Enumbi killed by his head cut waste and badanya included in a sack and then placed under the bridge. Rakyat civil claim, that the perpetrator is Kopassus assassination Ella Enumbi currently operating in Puncak Jaya district, Papua.

Here are the names of the victims have been found are as follows: Eila ENUMBI, Inoga Wonda, Deniti Telenggen, Telapina Morib, aibon Tabuni, Yomiler Tabuni, Bongar Telenggen, Josh Kogoya, Yanenga Tabuni, Jershon Wonda, Eramina Murib.

KNPB: Soon Reveal Mysterious Actor in Puncak Jaya 

Rocky Wim Medlama
 West Papua National Committee (KNPB) asked Chief of Police and his staff to immediately uncover the mysterious murder that is going on in the district of Puncak Jaya. 

"We ask, Police Chief and his staff to investigate and uncover the mysterious murders taking place in Puncak Jaya such as the report of the Secretary KNPB Puncak Jaya region," said Wim Rocky Medlama, KNPB spokesman. 

According KNPB, the mysterious murder led to 41 people missing. Of the 41 people missing, 11 were found dead while 30 people are still in search adults and 2 children who drifted at times also still in the search. 

"Operation dark, killings and disappearances Orang Asli in Puncak Jaya in Papua began in the 1 April 2013 and until today. There are two high school students, there are also two children whose parents were killed. Because of fear, they ran away and ended up drifting in time Yomo, Puncak Jaya regency, "said Medlama again. 

According Medlama, one of the victims on behalf of Ella Enumbi captured by Special Forces killed two weeks ago exactly 9 April 2013 and his head cut off and his body stuffed in a sack and dumped under a bridge. New bodies found on 26 April 2013. 

Some names are still in search of their family is Inoga Wonda (40), Deniti Telenggen (17), Telapina Morib (47), aibon Tabuni (38), Yomiler Tabuni (48), Bongar Telenggen (35), Josh Kogoya ( 70), Yenange Tabuni (36), Jershon Wonda, Eramina Murib, Regina Tabuni.


  1. These continuing murders and disappearances cannot continue. Rightfully there must be a due authority in place to fully investigate these cases. Many are highly reserves as to whether this can in fact be carried out by local offices. Of great concern is that there is seemingly a refusal to permit Human Rights Commissions / Organizations within the region to operate freely and this must be addressed. . This is contributing in my opinion somewhat to many of these cases being unresolved at this time.

    The great concerns must be answered that are held in relation to matters of torture and others concerns of mutilation.

  2. gosh, this is unbelievable..What are fuck Indonesia is doing like this to the Melanesian people of West Papua. Are there any other alternatives to solve this ongoing conflict rather than Indonesian military and police taking laws into their own hands ? This is sign of clear break down in the Indonesia's control and reign in West Papua.It only creates hate and breeds further retaliation.Indonesian government must take drastics measures to stop these tortures.. God help us...

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  3. This is totally inhuman and there should be an investigation done by the Indonesian Authority into such matter and the soldiers who done that must face the full force of law. This "evil" must end now. God have mercy on us.

  4. West Papua must be an Independent Nation sooner rather than later. West Papuans are not Indonesians. West Papuans are distinct people of Melanesian descent and they deserve to determine their own destiny. West Papuans do not need Indonesia in any way, shape or form. Full stop. Indonesia must pack up from West Papua and go back to where they come from. They do not belong to West Papua. West Papua belongs to West Papuan Melanesians. Creator God has given that land to them to cultivate, manage and live on. Indonesians soldiers are coming in as thieves in the night to kill steal and destroy the people of West Papua. It is clear as broad day light, what these Indonesian dogs are doing to the people of West Papua. We need the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces to come into West Papua right now to monitor this great human rights abuse by Indonesian Forces. United Nations please step in to save the lives of our West Papuan people. They are being slaughtered like animals every day. I personally believe that Indonesia will pay for these atrocities one fine day. Because human beings are fearfully and wonderfully created by our Creator God and no one has the right to take the life of a human being, except the Creator Himself. Bless the souls of the West Papuan man, women and children that has been lost, tortured and destroyed and terminated over the years by the cruel inhuman Indonesian dogs. I pray that these Indonesian people/soldiers will be held responsible and pay for their crime one day. Amen.

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  6. Free West Papua now, stop the genocide of over 500,000 innocent men women and children in West Papua. Papua Merdeka Harga Mati!

  7. This cruel and barbaric treatment of the West Papuan people by the Indonesian military and police must stop immediately! This is the West Papuans country, it belongs to them. The theft of their land, the destruction of their environment, the stealing of their resources and the murders, rapes, brutal bashings and displacement of the West Papuan people from their rightful homes must stop immediately and investigations, arrest and charges against the perpetrators MUST take place now. It is time for the United Nations to take action in these crimes against humanity!