Saturday, July 13, 2013

KontraS Urges Murder Investigation Arlince Tabuni By TNI Member in Papua

PAPUAN, Jakarta - The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) urged investigation into the murder Arlince Tabuni, 11-year-old children by members of the TNI in Popume village, Mukoni District, Lanny Jaya regency, Papua, on July 1, 2013 last.

"We deplore the violence still continues in Papua. Among them, we have the shooting information of a child, aged 11 (eleven) years on behalf Arliance Tabuni, "said Yati Andriani, one of the staff KontraS, in a press release sent to the media editors, this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ask the UN Special Monitoring Centre to Papua

Socrates Yoman and Benny Giay
Jayapura - Two church leaders in Papua vocals respectively, Pdt. Socratez and Rev. Sofyan Yoman. Dr.. Beny Giay, met the Dutch ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan accompanied by the Deputy Head of Political Division of the Embassy of the Netherlands, Maarten Van Den Bosch. 

The meeting lasted for two hours from 18:00 CET until 20:00 CET on Swissbelt Hotel, Jayapura, on Tuesday (2/7) evening.

Monday, July 8, 2013

This Reason Brimob Expelled from Deiyai ​​District, Papua

Yemi Pakage (16) was killed mysteriously in Wagethe, Saturday, June 1
Deiyai Report ​​- Friday (27/06/13), the residents Deiyai ​​District, Papua Province simultaneously asking Brigade (Bromob) left Deiyai. Instantly, Brimob who served on PT Dewa, PT DMT, the local Finance Office, and the Police Mobile Brigade in Deiyai ​​left Deiyai.

Although Police Bans, Biak Bloody in Biak Remains to Commemorated.

Biak KNPBnews - Although Biak Police yesterday refused a notice warning activities Biak bloody events conducted by the Community of Victims of Bloody Biak, but it seems appropriate Bloody Biak Community Victim commitment today commemorated.

Community mass human rights victims in Biak day gathering in Water Tower location for events commemorating 15 years of Bloody Biak. Activities undertaken are done on-site prayer and Ziarah in Tower from 09.00 to 13.00. A number of people's representatives were invited to put the components of interest as a sign of mourning that Byak Tribal Council Representative, Church, NGOs, KNPB Biak, PNWP, Women and the victims of the bloody Biak.

Anton Gobay: Papuan activists were arrested by police in Paniai

Anton Gobay
Paniai Report - On Monday, July 8, 2013 Indonesian police re-arrested one of Papuan human rights activists in Paniai. Anton Gobai is one young man who lived in Paniai are often vocal in splitting the Papuan people and street children around the Paniai District. 

He was arrested by police on charges of carrying and storing explosive materials. People who are currently living in Paniai in a very frightened and fled to the forests because of the people who do not know anything arbitrarily ditanggap by Indonesian police officers who served in Paniai with alleged terrorist activists and Misfits.

With the alleged improper police again arrested Anton Gobay in Nunubado, Enarotali city, Paniai. This report has been conveyed by the local residents to the media when the news was increased. Until now, not knowing the actual place where N Anton Gobay arrested. But there is this media that informs Anton Gobay being detained at the police station Enarotali, Paniai.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Socratez Yoman: Why People Papua Silence?

JAYAPURA - One of the church leaders of Origin Middle Mountain is also the Chairman of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Papua (PGBP), Socratez Yoman, said the Dutch ambassador, Tjeerd de Zwaan after meeting with Papua Police, community leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders and Rupatama a youth leader in Papua Police Headquarters Tuesday (2/7) and then, where the meeting Ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan expects to get a good answer on the application of Autonomy Plus, but none Papuan figures were present to provide answers to the Ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan.

Alince Tabuni Shot Died By Indonesia Military in Lani Jaya, Papua

Arlince Tabuni was Shot by Indonesia Military in Lani Jaya, Papua.
Lani Jaya, Papua Report - Monday, July 1, 2013, Arlince Tabuni (12) was shot in the village Popume, Mukoni District, Lani Jaya regency, at 17.30 local time. Arlince Tabuni born with a twin brother Arlin Tabuni on October 17, 2001. He was the third son of a shepherd Yuni Tabuni, of the Baptist church in Guneri I.