Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Socratez Yoman: Why People Papua Silence?

JAYAPURA - One of the church leaders of Origin Middle Mountain is also the Chairman of the Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Papua (PGBP), Socratez Yoman, said the Dutch ambassador, Tjeerd de Zwaan after meeting with Papua Police, community leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders and Rupatama a youth leader in Papua Police Headquarters Tuesday (2/7) and then, where the meeting Ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan expects to get a good answer on the application of Autonomy Plus, but none Papuan figures were present to provide answers to the Ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan.

On that, he was a question mark, why the figures in the forum silent and not answer any questions Dutas Big Tjeerd de Zwaan about the Autonomy Plus. Are these characters do not know the problems that occur in Papua? why they seem afraid. He said the figures should present it gives jabawan in truth according to the real conditions that exist, not the other way quietly impressed.
With the silence of these leaders, made famous Socratez this volak be asked, whether this condition shows that Papuan leaders are paralyzed by a trick of the Government of Indonesia? whether the evidence block freedom of speech and the death of democracy in Papua over the years.

"It is a big question for me to question the Dutch ambassador who is not the answer," he said to the media via phone on Saturday (7/7).
For him, it should be the community leaders and traditional leaders in Papua, have remained convey the fact that this actually happened in Papua during both the ambassador to the Netherlands and internationally.
Because the name of people who featured community, should have the moral burden in fighting for what the problems of society today and the future, not silent because it has been silenced by the entrepreneurs in this country. "You be silent in this world, but in the next you can not silence, because every word, sentence act was accounted for in the final judgment at the last day," he added.

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