Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Peaceful demonstrations are conducted by the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) yesterday ( 16 / 09 ) still take place in some counties and cities in Papua and West Papua , although the police had banned the demonstration .
Peaceful demonstration was conducted to provide support to the Government of Vanuatu in order to bring the issue of West Papua at the annual session of the United Nations this year . And requested the brothers Papuan people like Vanuatu , Fiji , Solomon Islands , PNG and New Caledonia ( Kanaky ) to follow up the results of the final decision at the annual meeting of the MSG MSG Kanaky June 19 to 21 June , 2013 by West Papua .
This demonstration action , although the walk in peace , but inevitably , some KNPB activists and citizens detained by police for questioning .
Here's footage of a demonstration the KNPB .
Jayapura : Police arrest and intimidate people who peacefully demonstrate . A total of 53 KNPB activists and citizens who were arrested when the action occurred .
Sorong : Police disperse a crowd of people who were doing a peaceful demonstration and arrested 27 people .
Nabire : Police disperse a crowd of people who were doing a peaceful demonstration . 14 people were arrested by the police . It was also reported that some were caught tortured .
Biak : Police blocking a peaceful mass demonstrations . Although blocked by the police , however, remained peaceful mass action . No activists were arrested in the action reported in Biak .
Merauke : The police conducted a mass demonstration against the blockade . There were no reports of arrests in this mass action .
Yahukimo : Thousands of people are still taking to the streets to demonstrate, although banned peaceful demonstrations and blocked the police .
Timika : Thousands of people padati Field in Timika to conduct peaceful demonstrations , although police and military blockade . Also reported to police in Timika bahawa prohibit taxis to transport mass demo .
Manokwari : Residents keep doing demosntrasi peaceful despite police blockade and disperse the crowd . 

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