Monday, September 23, 2013

The Papuans a Minority on their Own Land Now

Transmigration of objective aspect is how to distribute the population in a country that leads the public welfare distribution , usually the target area is the area - a large area and small population .

Lure - lure a better life and prosperity into the main attraction for the migrants , which in their new areas migrate .

Positive value that can be gleaned from this program if it is carried out in a way and a system that is going to happen right skill transfer process of the migrants to locals , to the absolute requirement coming soon is that those who have been through the stages of skills training in the area in the Central Transmigration respectively - each .

Rill in the context of Papua , Papua Governor, Barnabas Suebu, SH On May 20, 2010 revealed that in recent years the flow of migrants into the province of Papua continues to increase , even this increase is the highest in the world . So the increase in the population of Papua is not population growth but the addition of the migrant population is not controlled entry to Papua .

Barnabas Suebu, SH statement was hurled at the office of the governor and the legislature to address the current attitude of the opposition demonstration reanimation migration to Papua . " That comes to Jayapura by statistical data is the population of five percent annually and five percent of this population increase is the highest in the world .

The increase in the migrant population for each nation according to the calculations of the world is two percent per year , but that happens in Papua is the largest and it must be controlled . " Had to get together for our attention we must prepare a Provincial Regulation ( Perdasi ) to control the flow of migration .

The rapid population growth outside then at the same time the population as a whole rose high but the number of natives will go down , well this will affect all the processes of political rights , the economy , and all sides in the government of Papua for example , elections of regional heads or deputy regional heads , legislators in the province will be in the dominance of immigrants since made directly with the native population so when getting down .

At any time until the voice of the indigenous people will be a minority , voters increasingly falls, the natives would not have had the opportunity to sit in positions like that , because being a minority .

Thus Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu, SH has said that SK . MRP NO . 14 of 2009 provides assurance to the people of Papua to any time , although later became a minority in their own land but can still be a leader . " Papua is now a total population of two million more , when it became 10 million and 30 million , the guarantee by Decree No. 14 of 2009 MRP can protect it , " said the Governor .

Therefore , how the Governor of Papua now , is there any special rules that control and limit the uncontrolled migrants who entered Papua , if not do not ever dream , Papuans would be a minority or will even become a historical fact that the people of Papua ( black ) ever lived in the western part of the land of Papua .

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