Monday, September 23, 2013

Lambert Pekikir : My Child in cap Rebels , Wife Offered Money bagful

" His family is often in terror , children - children being labeled as the rebels and in the current difficult for his education , even when his son got married , he could only send prayers of the woods . Even his wife had on offer you an money in the sack by members of the army of origin would indicate Pekikir Lambert hideout in the woods . But all of that does not shake his determination to keep fighting Papua Merdeka voice .

There have been many stories told by the head of TPN - OPM Lambert Pekikir Keerom area when I visited his base in the mountains of PNG border . Various twists and turns of life of the Papuan independence fighters also became part of the by - by when kekmbali my duties as a journalist .
For Pekikir Lambert , being a warrior does not mean safe from terrorist acts , in addition to being the target of the military , their families also become the target of terrorist acts , even his wife, who live in villages are often under pressure to demonstrate the presence of her husband .
For Pekikir Lambert and his family , terrorist acts are part of a struggle that has been mandated by the people of Papua to him , so that the problems faced by problems wisely .
She told him, once a beloved wife when approached by members of the military , not empty-handed , they come with a certain amount of money . But it was rejected by his wife, because for them , the struggle to determine the fate of his people can not be bought with money .
" I do not know how many in number , clear the money was put in a sack , but the money was returned by my wife . Because we and citizens want is not money , but the independence of Papua , " he said .
In addition , one of three children who underwent RI studies in public schools also receive unfair treatment , but it all passed well afford . Indonesian government's rejection of his youngest child ever received when attempting to general education .
" My son never labeled as a rebel child . And to think , who the rebels . Because our struggle for the people of Papua , " he said .
The journey of life is her three children could not run smoothly like other children , even when children are both married , she was unable to attend and give their blessing to . But he believes that his son 's prayer to be heard by God .
" I know my son got married , and he also said to me , even my kids future wife and her family also knows that I'm a fighter OPM , and they did not make it , " he said .
As a human , he admitted sometimes yearn to be able to gather with family . But the message is carried as a leader for the people of Papua independence was to make himself and his family remain strong in the face of temptation .
Not noticeably , my conversations with the leadership of TPN OPM Keerom region already lasted more than two hours , in fact we still want to talk much longer to find out the complete history of the existence of OPM leader, unfortunately at present in our mobile phones has shown at 14.00 CET , we also say goodbye to return to the city and continue the work of other journalism .
"Thank you for going to visit , be careful on the street , sister will be escorted by our people up near the road , hopefully this discussion can provide good benefits for all , " said Lambert Pekikir .
After saying goodbye , we also returned escorted by a guide who took us to get back to the city , but again we have to mess around with the condition of the road , because the path that we took when heading headquarters a little different from the path home .
We then trace back the rain and crossed the river , and through the mud . Fatigue began to be felt , especially spatter started pouring mountains Keerom PNG border . We also immediately thought condition of the road and filled with mud , but the moment I think it should jejal step is to follow the guide , because if it gets left behind , we will surely get lost in the woods .
After two and a half hours of walking , we also ended up on the edge of the main road , then took his leave of the local hotels . For us , a long journey still to be traversed , in the rain , we had to explore the streets of the darkening . There's hardly another vehicle , only the sound of the forest animals to khasannya .
Security and comfort we feel when the bike is driven into town Keerom , we also take a break to fill the stomach that has began to demonstrate .
Not long ago , we had to travel back to the city of Abepura , radiant city lights make us a little relief , a long journey and it certainly has a history of important memories for me and team . Through this article , we hope to provide a variety of benefits for all stakeholders, OPM is true , they do struggle for independence . Because for them , the struggle that has been done is not in vain , but whatever it is , they are still human.


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