Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buchtar Tabuni, Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament [PNWP] home raid by Indonesian Military.

Indonesian Military Team consisting of Police ,TNI , Brimob , BIN and Detachment 88 under the leadership of Commissioner Alfred Papare , Jayapura police chief , Kiki Kurnia , Deputy Chief of Jayapura , Abepura Police chief and TNI conduct raids and house searches Buchtar Tabuni , Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament housing in Kamwolker III Waena, Jayapura – Papua on Thursday 26 Sebtember 2013.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Indonesian police open fire on civilians in West Papua

Catholic brother says one person was killed and two injured when police shot at villagers who refused to cut hair and beards.
One person is said to have been killed and at least two others injured on Monday when Indonesian riot police opened fire on civilians in Waghete, West Papua. Spokesperson for the Papuan provincial police Sulistyo Pudjo told Guardian Australia that the shooting occurred when police tried to disperse a mob that was attacking them. "There were provocateurs who were throwing rocks at the police and military. One military person was wounded," he said.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lambert Pekikir : My Child in cap Rebels , Wife Offered Money bagful

" His family is often in terror , children - children being labeled as the rebels and in the current difficult for his education , even when his son got married , he could only send prayers of the woods . Even his wife had on offer you an money in the sack by members of the army of origin would indicate Pekikir Lambert hideout in the woods . But all of that does not shake his determination to keep fighting Papua Merdeka voice .

The Papuans a Minority on their Own Land Now

Transmigration of objective aspect is how to distribute the population in a country that leads the public welfare distribution , usually the target area is the area - a large area and small population .

Lure - lure a better life and prosperity into the main attraction for the migrants , which in their new areas migrate .

Positive value that can be gleaned from this program if it is carried out in a way and a system that is going to happen right skill transfer process of the migrants to locals , to the absolute requirement coming soon is that those who have been through the stages of skills training in the area in the Central Transmigration respectively - each .