Monday, September 16, 2013

Demo KNPB in Nabire, 14 People Arrested and Beaten

Nabire, KNPBnews - Demo Papuan Nabire KNPB coordinated and PRD tinged arrests 14 activists KNPB. They were beaten to a pulp by TNI / police. In fact, the action in order to commemorate the international democracy was to be conducted in a peaceful and dignified.
According to the monitoring, peaceful protest that started at three rallying point controlled by Indonesian police and troops since early morning. Yagen Massa headed to the meeting points suddenly arrested by members of the police uncompromising Nabire.
A total of 14 of them beaten, namely Otto Kudiai, Japheth Keiya, Anipa Pigai, Agustina, and Julian Nawipa suffered a heavy blow, resulting in torn lips, forehead and eyes swollen.
Coordinator of direction Siriwini, Deserius Goo and Japheth Keiya is coordinating the mass of the Market Coral arrested. All equipment taken over police action.
They were finally released from the police station at the urging of Speaker of Parliament Nabire Meepago region, Abel Nawipa.
Abel states that support Meepago wilaya Commitment Powes Parkop, the governor of Port Moresby Kompanye Sorong to Samarai. Abel also said that although the police blockade, but all the people know and continue to pray that West Papua be a member of MSG, is also grateful for the efforts of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu that will lift about Papua in the United Nations.


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