Monday, May 13, 2013

Peace Action Police blockaded, Chairman KNPB and 4 Protesters Arrested Today

Victor Yeimo
As planned KNPB and multiple organs motion, will be a peaceful demonstration at the office of Rayat Papuan Assembly (MRP). Purpose peaceful demonstration to urge the Government of Papua Province Governor, Papua Police Commander and immediately responsible, the victims of the shooting and arrest on May 1, 2013.

Additionally, tergait gunshot victims and arrests in a number of places like Timika, Sorong, Biak and Jayapura on May 1 2013. Peaceful demonstration today to “urge the Indonesian government to open access International Journalists and the Special Rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council in Papua”.

When appropriate plan that has been planned for a peaceful demonstration. Jayapura today’s date (May 13, 2013). KNPB led a peaceful demonstration today, hundreds of protesters down the street. But from the middle of the road in 3 Waena Police Housing-led protesters obstructed Victor Yeimo.

Papua Police led through Jayapura Police Chief Commissioner Alfred Papare, SIK, protestors obstructed exactly at: 10:12 pm. Victor Yeimo was negotiating with the Jayapura police chief who had been intercepted. With the goal of going to the protesters remain peaceful demonstration to the destination, in the Office of MRP at Kota Raja Abepura Jayapura. But not could Jayapura Police, saying demonstrators aim to get the MRP Office.

Bargaining had occurred between Jayapura Police and protesters that led Viktor KNPB Yeimo, earlier. Jayapura Police finally arrested 4 people who are as protesters, including: Victor Yeimo (KNPB Chairman), Yong Ulimpa (Men 23 years old), Ely Kobak (Men 17 years old) and Marthen Manggaprow (A Member Of WPNA). Jayapura Police Chief Police arrested them, and then taken to the Papua Police. The Fourth people were arrested when they were tortured and beaten by members of the police force Police Jayapura.

Peaceful demonstration today in the city of Jayapura Police abort, and 4 people arrested are still being held in the police, due to the benefit requested information, related to peaceful demonstration today. Hundreds of other protesters fled around the arrest scene.

Communities around the scene of panic, and a member of the Police officers in Sentani, Jayapura City Abe and do the swiping. Police using tanks, tear gas police cars and cars and Truck Police custody. Police controlled all roads every intersection, around Sentani and Abepura.

Police on the pretext of mental terror against all Papuans in Jayapura and Sentani today do not like the current police ambush KNPB demonstrators in the past.

Silencing democracy continues RI police officers in this case the Papua Police. Space to voice their democratic rights of the people of Papua, narrow. Always limit the space for democratic rights of the Papuan people, by way of mental terror, catching, shooting demonstrators, Against Demonstrators and restrict a peaceful demonstration.

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