Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Six KNPB Timika Activists Sentenced to 8 Months Jail

KNPB Timika Report - Located in City Court Timika, Papua, this afternoon, Tuesday (14/05/2013), six activists West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Timika region had been sentenced to 8 months in prison, on charges of committing a crime of treason.

The information obtained by the sixth case KNPB activists are divided into two files, the first case was recorded with registerasi number: PDM-2/TMK/Ep.2/01/2013, for Yakonias Womsiwor, Paul Maryom, Alfret Marsyom, Steven Itlay and Romario Yatipai.

They were arrested on charges of first, violated Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Emergency Law No. 12 of 1951, Jo 55 Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code together have a sharp weapon without a permit, and the second charge, Article 106 of the Criminal Code jo 55 paragraph 1 of the joint- same act of treason.

While the second file, recorded with a number registerasi case: PDM-03/TMK/Ep.2/01/2013, for defendant Awerkion Yanto (19). According to public prosecutors (PP), Awerkion arrested on charges of violating Article 1, paragraph (1) of Act 12 of 1951 Jo Emergency Article 55 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code on the 1st possession of explosives."True, the judges drop the 8 month sentence for the sixth defendant cut the mass arrest. The trial has just finished this afternoon, "said Gustaf Kawer, one of six defendants legal counsel, when contacted on Tuesday (14/05/2013) afternoon.

According Kawer, before the Public Prosecutor (PP) requires 1 year in prison for the sixth defendant, even though the trial process, the sixth defendant did not prove a crime of treason.

"Since the process of the trial, evidence of treason was not found, but prosecutors still demands it, and finally today was sentenced to 8 months by a panel of judges," said Kawer.

Just a note, the six activists detained Timika Region KNPB the date of October 24, 2012, when the resort Mimika police conduct a raid at the home of Alfred Marsyom, Timika.

That is, the six members of Timika Region KNPB will only undergo mass or mass detention law for 1 month, which is up in June, 2013, because the mass of prisoners cut 7 months.

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