Monday, July 8, 2013

Although Police Bans, Biak Bloody in Biak Remains to Commemorated.

Biak KNPBnews - Although Biak Police yesterday refused a notice warning activities Biak bloody events conducted by the Community of Victims of Bloody Biak, but it seems appropriate Bloody Biak Community Victim commitment today commemorated.

Community mass human rights victims in Biak day gathering in Water Tower location for events commemorating 15 years of Bloody Biak. Activities undertaken are done on-site prayer and Ziarah in Tower from 09.00 to 13.00. A number of people's representatives were invited to put the components of interest as a sign of mourning that Byak Tribal Council Representative, Church, NGOs, KNPB Biak, PNWP, Women and the victims of the bloody Biak.

Representatives representing these components, Buchtar Tabuni, West Papua National Parliament declared the people of West Papua we condemn the brutal Indonesian military and police forces who commit inhuman crimes against humanity against the people of West Papua in the fight for their right to Self-Determination.

Buchtar also called for a fact-finding team and International access to West Papua to investigate crimes against humanity committed by the state against the people of West Papua Indonesia in fighting for their right to self-determination and bring it to Mahkamah International.

He also called on the international community and UN member states to respect, promote and fulfill the right
self-determination of the people of West Papua, because this right has not been done for the people of West Papua in a fair, peaceful and democratic.

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