Monday, July 8, 2013

This Reason Brimob Expelled from Deiyai ​​District, Papua

Yemi Pakage (16) was killed mysteriously in Wagethe, Saturday, June 1
Deiyai Report ​​- Friday (27/06/13), the residents Deiyai ​​District, Papua Province simultaneously asking Brigade (Bromob) left Deiyai. Instantly, Brimob who served on PT Dewa, PT DMT, the local Finance Office, and the Police Mobile Brigade in Deiyai ​​left Deiyai.

They went to Enarotali, Paniai using 3 trucks. They were escorted by two trucks communities, Danramil, and the police chief and the Regent Deiyai ​​as well as a number of local leaders. A. Mote to the media said, Brimob only delivered to Enarotali.

"We do not know, whether from Enarotali they returned to their base or not? For residents Deiyai, which is important Brimob Deiyai ​​do not belong," said Mote.

How story?

Third week of June, about 21.00 local time, Pontian Madai go to Magethe (Capital District Deiyai) from Yaba to use the motor. He alone take about 4 Kilo Meters. That night, she was about to buy sugar, milk and coffee. In his village, Yaba, no one sells the stuff.

Pontian Wagethe arrived safely and buy sugar, milk and coffee. After purchase, Pontian back to Yaba. On the way back, he stopped by 5 people in front of police Wagethe, approximately 22.00 local time. Five men, 2 residents and 3 other people dressed Brimob.

Pontian was hit and he fled leaving the motor. That night he went to his brother's house in Wagethe. That night he kept the incident. The next morning, her sister saw stab wounds and sores in the nose punch in the cerebellum. That's when Pontian described the events on the night. 

Saw the wound, her brother brought to a local hospital Pontian (PHC Wagethe). While Pontian treated, her sister deliver it to his family there, including the youth. The Pemua not receive notice his brother was beaten.They began moving barred some streets, they also raise machetes, knives and stones. Number of people coming more and more. Wagethe atmosphere is getting warmer. They get ready to attack the local police station. 

The situation became tense. Police and Brimob in Wagethe began assisted by Brimob in Dogiyai and Paniai. Some Brimob who served on PT Dewa, PT DMT helped. The situation is getting tense. Brimob issued several warning shots. The warning shots to make people angry. The situation is getting out of control.In this situation, the Regent Deiyai, Basil Badii came reconcile. However, residents are given the opportunity to ask them raw at the Brimob. Residents suspect there Brimob often beating for no reason. "Not this time. They have had a lot of cases," said one young man was quoted as saying in Wagethe A. Mote.Residents also suspect, the mysterious murder of Yemi Pakage (16) on Saturday, June 1, 2013 before the intervention of Brimob there. 

"At that time, Yemi carrying knives and blades sold it to sell cigarettes. Companions bring a knife to the airfield. Then, she pursued him, and found he had no case. Then, his best friend with a few people got hit. Then, he returned to the house by force. From home he died. then, of Wagethe they bring to Bomou, about 1 Km from Wahethe, "said Mote story. 

Residents still haggling with Regent Deiyai. They are willing to give time to their regent to raw at the Brimob. Deiyai ​​regent managed to persuade citizens to calm down. All citizens are directed to the police station to speak well.

"They are often at the citizens. Also, they are trying to use our own native son to punch up. So, we want to leave Deiyai ​​Brimob," pleaded resident at the meeting. Residents continued to demand leave Deiyai ​​Brimob.Local government is unable to dampen demand. Residents continue to ask Brimob should leave Deiyai. Finally, the agreement is taken. They made a statement to 'unplug' from the Brimob Deiyai. Community representatives signed the agreement, the local police and the government, and Danramil. They agreed to go from Deiyai ​​Brimob and not add Brimob.

After signing the agreement, Brimob who served there go to Enarotali, Paniai using 3 trucks. They were escorted by two trucks communities, Danramil, and the police chief and the Regent as well as a number of local leaders.


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