Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ask the UN Special Monitoring Centre to Papua

Socrates Yoman and Benny Giay
Jayapura - Two church leaders in Papua vocals respectively, Pdt. Socratez and Rev. Sofyan Yoman. Dr.. Beny Giay, met the Dutch ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan accompanied by the Deputy Head of Political Division of the Embassy of the Netherlands, Maarten Van Den Bosch. 

The meeting lasted for two hours from 18:00 CET until 20:00 CET on Swissbelt Hotel, Jayapura, on Tuesday (2/7) evening.

During the meeting, the Dutch Ambassador asked about the implementation of the Special Autonomy and the Autonomy Plus for Papuans, but according to Socratez Sofyan Yoman, Autonomy has failed to deliver it."Good Autonomy Law. If we look from the Law chapter by chapter or item by item that's good. But have failed to be implemented by the Indonesian government. Therefore it level politics between the Indonesian government and the Papuan people, "he said. 

Then another problem, further Socratez, is Autonomy Plus. Plus Special Autonomy is not a solution, but just change the name, but there is no substantive progress.

Therefore, he explained, it proposes some ways to the Dutch ambassador, the Indonesian government needs to take several steps. First, release all Prisoners / political prisoners in Papua unconditionally.

Second, allow entry of foreign journalists to see the development of Papua in Papua. Third, there is the United Nations specialized monitors were allowed into the Land of Papua. Fourth, there is the dialogue for a comprehensive settlement of the situation in Papua and dignity through peaceful dialogue between the Indonesian government and the honest people of Papua unconditionally and mediated a neutral third party.

Similarly, Beny Giay said that the Dutch ambassador would like to know about it if the Autonomy Autonomy that there are things that can be raised and could be implemented for the benefit of the people of Papua.It said the Anthropology PhD, Netherlands Ambassador also asked about Autonomy Plus, but it's been delivered Autonomy failing both by the people of Papua and Indonesia, due August 15, 2005 the SAF has been returned to the government of Indonesia. 

"So we think that's Autonomy 'deceased'. Now the problem is the government of Indonesia issued two policies each UP4B and Autonomy Plus. The latter is not known because of its usefulness has not been discussed in public, "he explained. 

Therefore, he said, the Dutch ambassador was also thinking how Autonomy Plus can be addressed by the Papuan people to be able to benefit from it.

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